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San Diego, CA
United States

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Here is a short history about Lanfrez

Growing up in Colombia, my mother and I lived with my grandparents. My abuela was a talented artist and teacher, running her own art school out of her home. After moving to the United States and serving in the military, I was looking for direction, for a career path that would fulfill me and support my family. On a visit back to my abuela's home in Barranquilla, she and I discussed how I could help her bring her art to the States. When she developed Alzheimer's disease, I knew I had to act quickly.

Lots of research showed me a variety of techniques for printing onto fabrics and other materials. In addition to printing my abuela's art, I realized I could print my own visions as well. Now living in sunny, casual San Diego, I knew that t-shirts were the perfect vehicle for that dream.

Meeting Marie in the summer of 2014, with her artistic abilities and knack for organization, inspired me to move toward making Lanfrez a full-time business. Our combined efforts and complimentary skill sets have made this possibility an inevitability.

We hope to bring you not only our visions of palm trees and California living, but your visions, too. Any custom design opportunity is a chance for us to learn and expand our knowledge--we haven't come up against a challenge we couldn't overcome yet! So bring it on, bring us your ideas, so we can all dream and grow together.



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